The Jamie Dress

The Jamie Dress

Guys! I am so excited to share with you some of my favorite Friday Faves pieces that are also maternity friendly! I love styling our pieces in different ways so this will be fun! 

Those of you who have been pregnant before know that your body totally changes during pregnancy and with each trimester, so it makes dressing very tricky. I like to stick with my style throughout my pregnancies but maternity clothes don't always give you that option! At least for my first and second trimester I like to make non-maternity clothes work as much as possible! 

The first piece I have styled is the "Jamie Dress." I love wearing tighter dresses because I am short and most baggy clothing that I wear while pregnant make me look so large! The negative of wearing more snug fitting clothing is that throughout my pregnancy I develop more obvious love handles on my sides and back;( no one wants to see those haha. So whenever I am wearing a tighter fitting dress I like to add something that will distract or cover those areas! I have done so with each style below! Please comment with any questions you might have!


I LOVE the long vest trend right now. I feel its so classy and adds so much to an outfit! It really could go with anything! 

I have been utilizing the 'Tie around the waist" trend a lot lately, especially since I have been hiding my growing belly;) I used our Coral and Navy Flannel for this! 

As you can tell button downs are my friend right now! Wether they are around my waist, tied up above my belly or used as a light jacket. I love how this adds a completely different look to the Jamie Dress! 

Dress: Friday Faves 

Flannel: Friday Faves